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Are you struggling to find the ‘right’ plan for you?

Our goal is simple – to introduce you to a community that supports and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. We truly believe that mindset plays a critical role in your fitness, and that a proper balance of community and technique can help amplify your training and overall performance. Whether you’re starting out on your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey or you’re a seasoned vet, our coaches can provide something for everyone. We pride ourselves on teaching the basics really, really well. As athletes, new or experienced, you know how important it is to lay a good foundation for a lifetime of success. 

What Can I Expect?

Learn how to create a balanced training regimen and build an awareness of what YOUR body needs for your specific performance goals. Also learn how to change habits based on your changing goals including the importance and effects of good sleep and stress maintenance for performance enhancement/fat loss/muscle gain. Stay on track by working closely with others that hold you accountable. With CrossFit COL you are not just joining another gym, you're joining a community of individuals that want to see you succeed.

Training Programs We Offer

Group Training Options

CrossFit Training

60 minute classes that integrate the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. Each class consists of constantly varied functional movements performed at a specific intensity to ensure you are built to be an athlete for life.

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Teens Program

60 minute classes that focus on teaching our youth the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit all while having the most amount of fun. It is important that our youth learn the benefit of staying active and excel in whatever activities they choose.

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Success Stories

..."I'm truly grateful to the coaches at COL and the community for inspiring me and helping me achieve significantly more than I was ever able to on my own. I got fit enough to play rugby for the first time since high school (10 years) and have even noticed improvement in some chronic shoulder pain I have had as a result of a more balanced workout regime and better overall health."

Chris H.

"The coaches at Crossfit COL, as well as its members welcomed me with open arms and supported me as a beginner to Crossfit. It was very satisfying when I noticed how Crossfit  contributed to improving my yoga practice as it made me stronger both physically and mentally The challenging yet realistic workouts at Crossfit COL combined with its spirit and outstanding sense of community truly makes it one of a kind."

Jessica A.

"The community at CrossFit COL is amazing. I always look forward to coming to work out, and getting a chance to catch up with people afterwards. On top of all that, the coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging, the programming is excellent, and the “box” itself is bright and clean. I feel healthier and more confident than I’ve felt in years! And as a bonus, I can be a role model for my 2 young girls to show them what a strong and active lifestyle looks like!"


"I joined Crossfit COL to bring a new level of fitness to my life, little did I know I would not only gain a new healthy lifestyle but also a community of friends. The coaches at COL are motivational, driven and skilled to give you the success your body needs. My life has had a complete transformation and I owe that to the box and the amazing inspirational people there."

Lindsay P.

..."The difference is amazing! I no longer have any lower back problems. I have more energy. When I play soccer I feel more agile which is huge for me. Before I would be running and just feel out of shape and huge. I'm still a working on leaning out more, but I think I have a good foundation set in."


"What makes this place and its programming exceptional is the training effect. In the areas that matter to me, COL has made me a Beast. When I fight at my martial arts classes, I have energy and power that nobody else there has! When I canoe and portage, I leave others in my wake! I'm 50 years old and have never felt so good!"

Tim W.

"This place has changed my life. When I started at Col I weighed 205lbs, for those that know me I'm not the tallest (5'7" on a good day). With the help from the community in just 4 months of regular cross fitting I dropped almost 35lbs! To date I weigh 170lbs. With that being said, this place not only changed me physically but mentally too. Crossfit makes you push your mind to the point of exhaustion, but with the coaching staff and community behind you, you're able to push through and finish each and every WOD."


"I always felt that I had the raw strength and engine but my technique was lacking in most of my lifts as was my gymnastic skills. The coaches at Crossfit Col identified my inefficiencies immediately and gave me the attention I required to fix my technique. My strength continues to increase and my technique is tweaked where required helping me to PR all my lifts throughout the year and I continue to improve my gymnastics."

Carla S.

"Coaching is unparalleled, and the box itself is the most well taken care off that I've been to, here in Canada or overseas. Mornings are Col are simply the best, the camaraderie and motivation of our ‪9:30 class is something that I love and feel grateful for. Col is not simply a great box, it's family to me."

Diala C.

"I was terrified to walk through the door at Crossfit Col as I hadn't worked out consistently in nearly 10 years. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up and I was self conscious that I had minimal knowledge using weights. Now, at 43, I am in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing! I enjoy being in the company of strong and powerful women who are my age or older! I am motivated by them and I feel their non judgmental encouragement each time I workout. I appreciate the knowledgeable coaching staff and I am grateful for their support!"

Sherry W.

"This was a life changing experience for me. I needed a challenge and I needed an environment where everyone is friendly and willing to help and most importantly getting a thrill seeing everyone succeed and improve along the way. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy and recommend Crossfit COL to anyone."

Ovidiu N.